Transport Check In

In-Yard Tracking System

Transport Check In provides a tracking system for vehicles entering and leaving trucking based facilities. Drivers, trucks, trailers, equipment and more can be tracked in and out of the facility. Pre-check in also helps staff know what trucks are inbound. Time and date stamps help understand who is in the yard and what will most likely be moving out next. Track statistics like volume, wait times, in facility times and more.

  • Track Drivers, Vehicles, Visitors in your facility
  • Allow trucks to pre-check in from miles out
  • Track trucks and trailers in your facility
  • Live reporting & Statistics
  • Pre-Check In for incoming vehicles miles out
  • Check In at the gate
  • Office Check In for Visitors
  • Quick Check Out by guard shack or other person

Pre-Check In

Allows drivers to check in from remote locations, before they arrive. Staff can text message the driver when they should come in.

Gate Check In

Register drivers, visitors, trucks and trailers as they arrive. A live tracking system of everyone and everything in your facility.

Gate Check Out

Check out any person or vehicle with the click of a button. The timestamps are used to track statistics of volume and duration of stay.

Live Tracking

Every person and vehicle is tracked in and out of the facility. Keep in contact with them through text message or phone.

Standard System Features

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Support
Unlimited Data
Fully Encrypted
Up to 12 Categories
Automatic Updates
Automatic Backup
Monthly or Annual Subscription
Export Data to Excel
Track Visitors
Track Drivers, Trucks & Trailers
Mobile Check In
Gate Check In
Office Check In
Standard Displays
Lobby TV Display
Daily Reports
Statistical Reports